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Shree Thakurdwara & Dharmashala


About Us…

Situated in the heart of the Durban City Centre, is a 119 year old colourful temple – The Durban Hindu Temple- 24 Somtseu Road, Durban. It reflects the spiritual and cultural history of the 1860 Indian Settlers.

Durban Hindu Temple –Shree Thakurdwara and Dharmashala (aka Somsteu Road Temple/ Depot Road Temple) is one of the oldest temples in KwaZulu Natal, serving the community.

Three temples were built to serve the Indian Settlers in the central Durban area. Today only Durban Hindu Temple remains - the other two were demolished to make way for the magistrates court and Durban’s New Station. Durban Hindu Temple reflects the spiritual and cultural history of the 1860 Indian Settlers.

The adjoining historic landmark is being renovated and converted into a social and cultural centre for the purpose of the moral and cultural upliftment of the community. It will promote the religious, cultural, educational and social welfare of the community.

It will also assist to protect, preserve and promote all artifacts, documentation, books, etc. for future generations. Durban Hindu Temple as one of the oldest mandirs (114 years) celebrates major poojas on the Hindu calendar on a large scale. Community members from far and wide become involved and we have a masse community participation.

We have found that many Hindus have moved into the surrounding apartment blocks in and around the city centre and beach area and do not have the opportunity to celebrate or observe some of our religious or cultural poojas. These devotees join us in the observance or celebrations. This coming together creates unity in the community.

We will also be consulting with other organisations and youth groups not only cultural and religious, in order to give our youth a platform to share their expertise, have career guidance, counselling and motivational workshops and networking programmes.

We want Durban Hindu Temple to become a hub of activity in the city centre. For this we need parents to come on board not only to play a supportive role, but we want to create a platform where families can come together.

Until now, the work done by the members have been funded by contributions from our congregation. However, we believe that a more concerted effort is needed to prepare the youth and community to deal with the daily challenges. An extended education approach is needed, which we believe will stimulate community- based activities. For such a project, more resources will be needed than we can hope to raise from our congregation.

We hope to become the most inclusive religious and culturally competent centre for our community that need these services.

The Durban Hindu Temple caters for all the religious/ spiritual needs of the community.